Global Good Shop is committed to transforming the way we shop by combining ethically sourced and produced international goods for local sale, a taste of the world with the support of the local economy, and access to creating freedom through business, confidence and purpose through personal mentorship. 

Home to Global Good Shop is Get Dressed Basics, Global Goods Local, and 1:1 mentorship created by Nicole C. Ruiz. Through Global Good Shop’s partnership with Agape International Missions we are able to fulfill our mission of providing opportunities that support the women of AIM achieving their own personal freedom. Binding cross culture these women, together with Global Good Shop, create and bring one of a kind, ethically sourced and finely crafted goods to the US and global marketplace. This arm of Global Good Shop is aptly named, “Get Dressed Basics” as we believe the basic fundamentals in life get to be available to all on a daily basis, to make life easier and more enjoyable (in style), affordably. 

Global Goods Local is another inclusive measure and initiative of Global Good Shop by popular request. We’ve created a subscription service for local US to experience a “taste of” international flavour and local heritage. Taste of Italy is our current subscription for international, and taste of the South is the current subscription for US local. For more on Global Goods Local head here. 

Global Good Shop creates international access to the fundamentals in life that bridge gaps and pave a smoother path for all involved. Nicole herself, an experienced transformational coach and longtime sales executive, is available for consulting, coaching and mentorship to those in need and wish to engage her personally on a 1:1 level. For more in service on Nicole, head here. Love thy neighbor as thyself and join the Global Good Shop community with us!

“It’s only when we share an awareness of where our neighbor is coming from, we’re able to understand where they’re going, what they’ve been through and how we can support them getting there.”