Second generation American, Nicole is half Italian, half Spanish, and 100% global citizen. Passionate about culture, philanthropy, fashion, business, and the joy of living, Nicole’s combined her loves into what’s known today as Global Good Shop. Global Good Shop was born in 2017 out of a desire to connect the world, and provide access and opportunity to as many women and people possible with Global Good Shop and her as the medium to do so. With grandparents born in Naples, Italy, and Mexico, sharing and living her cultural roots on the daily are as natural as breathing. The ways of being Nicole embodies through joy, confidence, culture and life-choice are ways of life and being she believes can be available to all who wish to experience them. Global Good Shop is the access point and ticket to creating all of this, simply. 

Nicole’s passion for supporting women, particularly around confidence, empowerment and freedom have led her by God’s grace into her venture with Agape International Mission. A stylista and cultural maven to the core and from the heart Nicole has lived abroad in Italy and threads her experiences deeply into all she touches and shares with Global Good Shop and it’s growing community. 

Born and raised in San Diego, California, and Chicago living, Nicole’s heart is of and for the world.